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Stage3d – Nissan and Stormtroopers in “The New Story”

October 17, 2013 1 | 222 Views

Great example of 3d on the web with a nicely rendered car model. I really wish the Star Wars Stormtroopers would get into the car and drive away though. Maybe in the next version. Overall the stormtroopers seem to be very interested in Nissan, even in their video ads. Visit the Nissan Juke Website.Read More


ChronoBlade – Are Stage3d Games Ready to Hit Console Level Quality?

August 9, 2013 | 273 Views

ChronoBlade is a new free-to-play online game, using Flash’s Stage3d capabilities. Adobe’s Bill Howard posted an detailed overview of the game. nWay’s new action‐packed Flash browser game, ChronoBlade, combines the explosive skillbased combat of a hack‐and‐slash brawler game with the open‐ended character progression of an RPG. Showcasing fully 3D‐rendered characters that can execute dozens of brutal combo moves, [...]Read More

Muse’s New Single Panic Station Premieres With Interactive Stage3d Music Video

June 26, 2013 | 237 Views

A very interesting way to promote a new single – in addition to the traditional music video, the Muse single is promoted as an interactive version, featured on For the interactive version, independent London-based creative agency Yuki took Isted’s work and morphed it into a 3D visualiser, using Away3D 4 and Adobe Flash. [more on Wired] [...]Read More

Adobe Game Jam kommt nach Hamburg

January 22, 2013 2 | 378 Views

Yes, there will be an Adobe Game JAM in the Adobe Hamburg Germany office. Learn the latest about Adobe’s gaming initiatives, challenge your technology and gaming development skills, meet an Adobe gaming evangelist, and win some great prices. Read More

Sky Warriors Developer Demo

November 19, 2012 | 438 Views

Great demo for everyone interested in flight combat MMOs. The visuals are impressive, and if this is indeed a massive multiplayer online game, it could become a very effective tool  to unleash your WWII dogfight fantasies during lunch breaks. The game will feature more than 15 WWII era fighter planes initially and has both action and strategy elements in [...]Read More

First Look at King’s Road, A Simply Beautiful Stage3D Game

November 9, 2012 | 1129 Views

King’s Road is an adventure dungeon crawler online game from Rumble Entertainment, based on Stage3D and Flash Player 11. The realm of Alderstone knew peace and prosperity for many years, thanks to the steadfast rule of King Alexander. As a knight in Alexander’s personal guard, you pledged your blade and bow to the defense of [...]Read More

Feathers, Starling and StageVideo Adobe AIR Demo Application

October 18, 2012 3 | 3505 Views

An interesting demo application video posted by Derek Wischusen showcasing Feathers, the new Starling based UI framework, running on multiple devices. Since Feathers is based on Starling, which is based on Stage3D, it provides smooth, fully GPU accelerated UI animations. Read More

Flash Driving Game – Fun Until You Die – Virtually

October 11, 2012 1 | 896 Views

Disclaimer: You can only play the game once, and then you’ll be locked out – forever. It is an amazing game with beautiful Flash Player 11 based visuals. So why would anyone design such a short lived game like this? It’s part of the “Safer Journeys” initiative of the New Zealand Ministry of Transport. Safer Journeys is [...]Read More

Farmville 2 and Angry Birds on a Windows 8 Tablet

October 8, 2012 3 | 1382 Views

A very promising video of Farmville 2 and Angry Birds, both games using the new Flash Stage3D hardware acceleration, running on a Windows 8 tablet. It will be very interesting to see how this overall will impact gaming ecosystem on Windows 8, with high quality games potentially running in the browser, and not requiring a [...]Read More


Amazing Stage3D: Hennessy VS – What’s Your Wild Rapid?

October 4, 2012 | 323 Views

An amazing visualization for Hennessy VS, a French cognac. It’s created by Rezn, who also built the EDF light games for the Olympics. [via Flash Daily]. It features boxing superstar Manny Pacquiao, who was also part of their commercials. What is your white rabbit? Visit Hennessy VS || What’s Your Wild Rapid? Resn’s impressive portfolio site.Read More


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