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Welcome to Flashstreamworks

What is Flash Video? Where can I use Flash Video? How can I use this technology? Many web developers, project managers, and corporate executives are asking the same questions. Flash …
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Sorenson 4 metadata bug

There seems to be a small bug in Sorenson 4. In some tests done by Graeme, Jens and myself we found that when you choose a preset flv encoding profile …
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Digital Rapid boards supporting FLV

The new digital rapids hardware video capture boards are supporting flv live encoding via the Sorenson ACE video codec. Unfortunately, is seems they don‚Äôt support a connection to a Flashcom …
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Sorenson Squeeze 4 released

Sorenson released Sorenson Squeeze 4. Some new features are:

– New workflow and more intelligent interface – Support for simultaneous watchfolders – HDTV

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