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Poll: Is It Time To Rebrand Flashstreamworks?

Flashstreamworks started to expand its coverage, which hopefully made it a much more entertaining entity for daily visits. With talented guest contributors like Amy and Jen, it covers a broad …
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March 2012 Survey – Share Your Thoughts
7 years ago

March 2012 Survey – Share Your Thoughts

It’s time again for a survey, and your thoughts are highly valuable to further evolve this blog in 2012. Here is a hopefully quick and painless survey.  

Expanding My Blogging to Adobe’s Digital Media Blog
7 years ago

Expanding My Blogging to Adobe’s Digital Media Blog

Starting as Flash Video centric blog, Flashstreamworks has been around for almost 8 years, reporting constantly over the evolution of what used to be called “broadband video“, and in recent …
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Flashstreamworks on Twitter

Flashstreamworks is finally on Twitter. Follow to get the latest Flash Media updates. Enjoy!

Commenting System updated

I’ve finally added spam security to my commenting system and it should be much easier to leave feedback now. Since Flashstreamworks is based on a custom weblog engine Oscar Trelles …
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FlashEarth brings Google Maps and MSN Virtual Earth to Flash

FlashEarth provides a flash interface to combine Google Maps and MSN’s Virtual Earth satellite images. A fast internet connection is recommended!

Have fun!

What happened with Flashstreamworks?

You’ve probably realized – Flashstreamworks was down for a couple of days and there were no posts recently. Again, we’ve been attacked by some hackers and had to rebuild most …
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New Flashcom Server Devcenter article now online

Will Law, Chief Technical Officer at Hostcast, has just published a great article on the Macromedia Devcenter: ‘Streaming Through Firewalls and Proxies: From the Client’s Perspective’.

Head over to Macromedia …
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Hitch a ride with an Eagle on Discovery Animal Planet

This is some pretty amazing footage shot using miniature cameras attached to an actual eagle. Fantastic use of flash Video. Bird Technology

Bandwidth Detection with Flashcom Server

I have just published my first ever Devcenter article: Bandwidth Detection with Flashcom Server

I hope you find it useful.


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