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Adobe HD Flash Video

Adobe launched a new HD showcase site utilizing the latest Flash Player update with H.264, multithreaded encoding and hardware scaling support. Enjoy the quality of the next generation of Flash …
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Yahoo! Movies trailers now Flash Video

Yahoo! finally upgraded their movie trailer format to Flash Video which makes it much more enjoyable to browse the latest movies. Hopefully they’ll do the same for the HD video …
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Amazing new Flash Video based marketing sites

It seems like the quality of Flash Video based marketing websites is constantly improving.

Checking out this inspiring new work:

IKEA Dream Kitchen Nokia – Nonstop Living Samsung Camcorder Microsite …
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MTV Video Remixer

Another great video remixer based on Adobe Premiere Express, this time for MTV’s Video Remixer Contest featuring Kelly Clarksonís new video.

Check it out.

“ is an innovative Video Publishing On Demand service, enabling consumers and corporations to very easily create their own private Internet and mobile TV channels.” [via]

An innovative feature …
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Wedding Crasher Movie – Crash this trailer

Absolutely fun Flash video application – upload a jpeg of your face and you’ll be part of the wedding crasher trailer. Great idea.

Crash this trailer. – Flash Broadband website

Seems like the international BMW website totally switched to Flash now. Pretty impressive and a very smooth integration of Flash Video and interactive content. What will we see next ? …
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BMW 3 Series Sedan – Flash Video Minisite

BMW launched a new Flash Video Minisite for the new Sedan of the 3 Series today. Great use of Flash Video again, this time with a unique 3d look.

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Saturn Flash Video Adventure

Saturn produced a small Video Adventure to promote their Saturn RELAY model. Very well done, especially the seamless integration of video into the adventure. Fun to play and you can …
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Featured: MINI Cabrio Online Special

MINI Cabrio Online Special – a high-end Flash Video production

We were able to get some very hot material about the Flash video production for the latest BMW MINI Cooper …
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