Adobe AIR

The Future of Mobile Television

Trying to figure out how to combine the need for mobile media with a more and more decreasing attention span? In this case Neave television is the perfect solution for …
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AIR application running on iPad and 4 other screens

Exciting news for the Flash community. Christian Cantrell demonstrates how to run the same Flash application on 5 different screen, including iPad, iPhone/iPad touch, Motorola Droid, desktop (Mac, Windows, and …
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New Flash Player 10.1 mobile demos – Palm Pre games and Motorola Droid

Here are two more additions to the Flash Player 10.1 mobile prerelease demos – Palm Pre and games, and the Motorola Droid.

Watch more demos.

Additional details about Flash CS5 iPhone export including video

There is additional information available on the Adobe website, including a video with Adobe’s Adrian Ludwig demonstrating Flash applications on the iPhone.

Flash applications in the Apple App store …
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Flash CS5 to support export to iPhone

Besides numerous announcements about Flash Player 10.1 moving to the majority of smartphones, the Adobe MAX keynote unveiled an amazing new feature of Flash CS5 – an easy to use …
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