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Squiggle Racer, Addicting 8-Bit Racing Game – Interview

Squiggle Racer is a down to the core racing game for mobile, developed by the Comb Over Charlie creator Charlie Schulze.

The game has been already featured on …
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Use Your Sleep Movements to Create Art

A great marketing campaign for Ibis Hotels, specifically their beds. The concept evolves around recording your sleep movements, and create art out of it. Read More

FDT 7 Released

A new version of Powerflasher’s Flash code editing tool has been released. New features include

  • Change Function Signature
  • Compiler Constant Management
  • Improved SDK Management – Add Pure AIR SDKs …
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Starling 1.4 Released, Game “Snailboy” an Amazing Showcase

The Stage3d based 2D framework Starling received a recent update, which includes some core improvements.

  • Performance Updates
  • ClipRect
  • DisplacementMapFilter
  • Better handling of Lost Context situations
  • Enhanced AssetManager
  • Support for …
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MerkelMat – Get Ready for the German Federal Elections 2013

A (certainly) unofficial Adobe AIR based application for the German Federal Election 2013, which will determine the new chancellor. Morph your face into chancellor Merkel, and pretend to be one of the upcoming chancellor-candidates …
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Flash Player 11.9 and Adobe AIR 3.9 Beta Available
6 years ago

Flash Player 11.9 and Adobe AIR 3.9 Beta Available

The upcoming versions of the Flash Runtimes are now available on Adobe Labs.


Flash Player 11.9

Mac OS 10.9 Support – We have tested against the latest developer releases of …
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Blackberry 10 Gets AIR 3.5 Upgrade

Interesting developer video on AIR 3.5 upgrade, with the additional learning that if “If the duck crossed the road, maybe the chicken would have” – and Stage3D support.

It clearly …
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SVT Player (Swedish TV) – HTML / AIR Video Playback
7 years ago

SVT Player (Swedish TV) – HTML / AIR Video Playback

Sveriges Television AB deployed an interesting approach to enable AIR video playback on their HTML site. Since Android’s native web video stack is still fragmented across different versions, and lacks …
Read More Launched on Android with Adobe AIR

Even though mostly relevant for the German market since the content is in German, the new Android application provides a very valuable source of video information from one of the largest …
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Feathers, Starling and StageVideo Adobe AIR Demo Application
7 years ago

Feathers, Starling and StageVideo Adobe AIR Demo Application

An interesting demo application video posted by Derek Wischusen showcasing Feathers, the new Starling based UI framework, running on multiple devices. Since Feathers is based on Starling, which is based on Stage3D, it provides smooth, fully GPU accelerated UI animations. Read More


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