I am a principal technical evangelist at Adobe working the last couple of years on online video technologies. This blog was created years before me joining Adobe, in the year 2004, when online video was about to get popular.  The views expressed on this blog are personal views and should not be taken to represent corporate strategy or official Adobe positions.


The original name when founded was Flashstreamworks. It was created based on my passion for Flash Video and the huge potential I saw compared to alternative solutions at that time. I kept my archives online to provide some insight into the past with posts from 2004 like “Flash Video is hot“, or my interview with the current product manager at that time. 

Overdigital.com continues to be my channel to provide thoughts on video, now primarily HTML5, devices, industry trends and VR focused, with many in-depth technical articles to provide some real-world help. I am also trying to answer every comment I receive as best as I can.

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Looking forward to your feedback.

Jens Loeffler, June 2016


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