A collection of useful resources to learn about online video.

I have been writing about online video and mobile for many years now, and as part of that comes a rich pool of information – some of it remained up to date, some of it changed over the years.

If you are newcomer to online video, the amount of information can easily be overwhelming. To help with this, here is a FAQ that should point you to some of the top resources available on this blog.

1. Where do i find basic information about online video?

A Beginner’s Guide to Online Video

HTML5 Video Guide – All You Need to Know For 2014

2. What is the difference between protocols?

The Difference Between Encrypted HLS, PHLS and HLS with DRM

Streaming Protocol and Content Protection Quick Guide

HLS vs. HDS – What is the Difference And Why You Should Care

3. What is DRM?

What is DRM and Where It Matters

How to Deploy Adobe Access on iOS and Android

Adobe Primetime – A Single Protocol and DRM

4. What do I need to know about Android?

The Bitter Reality of HTML5 Video on Android

How Bad Is Really HLS on Android

Adobe Primetime Explained – Solving the Android Video Problem

Flash Player and Android Changes – A Technical Deep Dive To Adjust Your Mobile Strategy (a bit outdated, since HLS on Android didn’t reach the anticipated quality)

5. How does live streaming work?

Quick Guide How to Setup Your Own Live Stream

The Mystery Behind Live Streaming Delay

World Cup 2014 is Breaking Online Streaming Numbers

6. What industry trends should I follow?

The Current State of Net Neutrality and Why to Play Attention

How Ad Blocking Impacts the Online Industry

Adobe Primetime

More ideas for posts that should be on this list? Note them in the comments.