The Adobe Primetime team showed an interesting tech preview at NAB 2014, MPEG-Dash and 4k playback with Primetime Player in Flash Player.

It is part of the official Primetime 2.0 announcement.

4K support ensures that Primetime customers can deliver the highest resolution content to the latest set of digital home devices allowing consumers to enjoy stunning viewing experiences. Primetime leverages the latest UHDTV hardware capabilities to ensure fully optimized performance. Support for 4K is being previewed at NAB and is expected to ship in 2014.

Primetime 2.0 also offers support for the new MPEG-DASH streaming format in its core video engine layer. Support of the new industry standard gives programmers and operators the flexibility to deliver consistent video experiences across devices using their preferred format. MPEG-DASH support will ship by the end of 2014.

While this is a preview, and the Flash Player version number under no means indicates a release date, the resolution of the demo is quite impressive.

2014-04-08 18.05.29


2014-04-08 18.05.17

The feature is targeted for Primetime customers and premium content, therefore don’t be surprised if some of your favorite content is becoming available in much higher resolution later this year.