After showcasing a lot of the technology of Adobe Primetime on this blog, it’s hard to ignore the awards slowly gathering in the office.

This includes the recent SIIA Content CODiE Award  for 2014 Best Video Platform for Media & Publishers, and the Digiday Video Award for Best Video Technology 2013. If you want to learn more about the technology, I would encourage to explore the Adobe Primetime category and the official Adobe Primetime blog.

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Here are some helpful posts that introduce Adobe Primetime.

Adobe Primetime Explained (Part 1/4) – Ad Insertion

Adobe Primetime Explained (Part 2/4) – Solving the Android Video Problem

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Adobe Primetime Explained (Part 4/4) – Bringing It All Together


Deskop demo:

Technology Demo: Adobe Primetime 1.2 With Native HLS Support in Flash Player