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Technology Demo: Adobe Primetime 1.2 With Native HLS Support in Flash Player

Technology Demo: Adobe Primetime 1.2 With Native HLS Support in Flash Player
Jens Loeffler

I am very excited to showcase a brand new Adobe Primetime feature, native HLS support in Flash Player.

What does native HLS support mean? HLS playback in Adobe Flash Player provides best-in-class performance, with robust, Hollywood studio-mandated DRM support (Adobe Primetime DRM + PHLS), and AES-128 clear key protection for content protection compatibility. The HLS playback functionality is now included in the core of Flash Player, with all relevant features processed with high performant native code.

The Adobe Primetime Player SDK with HLS support for Adobe Flash Player now supports VOD, live and linear simulcast use cases, with the following features:

  • Adobe Primetime DRM / Adobe Access, PHLS, AES-128 clear key

  • Decryption performed natively in Flash Player

  • Full hardware decoding and compositing

  • 608/708 and WebVTT Closed Captioning

  • Adjustable adaptive streaming

  • 100% dynamic ad insertion (no dual player)

  • Integration with Adobe Primetime ad decisioning or any VAST/VMAP-compatible third-party ad server

  • Support for Adobe Primetime Quality-of-Experience (QoE) monitoring

Besides getting a best-in-class video experience, it offers the ability to use the same DRM-protected and monetized content on every Adobe Primetime-enabled device, including iOS, Android, Roku, Xbox and more. A single workflow leads to lower storage costs, better caching efficiencies, and a more economical infrastructure.


Here is a demonstration of an adaptive 10 Mbps HLS stream with Adobe Primetime ad insertion, ad decisioning, DRM protection, and accessibility enabled with WebVTT-based closed captioning.

For more information about Adobe Primetime, visit the official website, and read my additional articles.

The desktop online video experience has never been better.

  • Will

    Hey Jens – impressive feature set! Is the implementation based on raw NetStream support for m3u8
    or is it appendBytes based? Does it have to be a PrimeTime swf that
    renders the HLS or will OSMF be extended for native support of HLS? Is
    there a tech note you can point us too that references how we can use
    FP11.9 to play back m3u8?

    • jensloeffler

      This is a Primetime exclusive feature, meaning you need to be an Adobe Primetime customer to use it. It is not based on appendBytes, or any public APIs. I would recommend reaching out to your Adobe contact of trust (or email me) ;-)

      • jensloeffler

        Here is the direct email if you want more info – primetime(at)


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