As part of Adobe’s announcement of M6 using Adobe Primetime comes a new video that unveils some very interesting facts about video on Android and the mobile trends in France.

Android came late in France, but now it’s getting really, really strong for sure. Tomorrow it will be like 75 or 80% of the market.


We saw we are addressing our application to 500 different (Android) devices, and 19 different versions of the Android operating system.


(With Adobe Primetime Adobe was) giving us the right tool to build only one application that will work on all these devices with all these different versions of the operating system.

The Android application received over 1 million downloads, which extends the users M6 now can advertise to. The fundamental challenge of video on Android comes with the fragmentation and poor quality of HLS video playback. It’s required to use third party solutions to launch with a large device footprint.

Official blog post here.