This is something that normally wouldn’t be part of the topics on this blog, but the risk of driving and texting is something everyone with a smartphone should be aware of. Werner Herzog is a famous documentary filmmaker, and the 30 minute documentary “From One Second To The Next” clearly reflects it.

Herzog is considered one of the greatest figures of the New German Cinema [… ] French filmmaker François Truffaut once called Herzog “the most important film director alive” and American film critic Roger Ebert stated that Herzog “has never created a single film that is compromised, shameful, made for pragmatic reasons or uninteresting. Even his failures are spectacular. [via Wikipedia]

The movie is part of the It Can Wait campaign, and distributed by major US carriers.

“When you get a message while driving, it’s hard not to pick up your phone,” said Herzog. “With this film, we want to help make people more aware of the potential consequences of that action.” [via AT&T press release]

I encourage to take the time to watch it – it’s well crafted and moving.