ChronoBlade is a new free-to-play online game, using Flash’s Stage3d capabilities. Adobe’s Bill Howard posted an detailed overview of the game.

nWay’s new action‐packed Flash browser game, ChronoBlade, combines the explosive skillbased combat of a hack‐and‐slash brawler game with the open‐ended character progression of an RPG. Showcasing fully 3D‐rendered characters that can execute dozens of brutal combo moves, ChronoBlade lets players customize their characters by creating a variety of attacks and upgrading their equipment with various enchants to suit multiple types of playing styles. [via Digital Media Blog]

After playing the game just for the first couple of minutes, it’s clear that it is designed for short and intensive console-like battles, with all the immersive cutscenes and animations you would expect.

There seems to be a lot of untapped potential in that genre of online games.

Play the game here.