A very interesting way to promote a new single – in addition to the traditional music video, the Muse single is promoted as an interactive version, featured on Wired.co.uk.

For the interactive version, independent London-based creative agency Yuki took Isted’s work and morphed it into a 3D visualiser, using Away3D 4 and Adobe Flash. [more on Wired]

The traditional version looks a lot different though, with over 2 million views on YouTube.


Would the visuals be possible with WebGL? Very likely. But advanced video and audio streaming remains hard to execute in HTML5.

Various embedded actions within the audio file were used to control the cameras position and various commands for the particles,” Isted tells Wired.co.uk, “providing a nice ‘sit-back-and-just-watch’ experience. There’s also the ability to control of the camera’s pan and tilt at any point by pressing their mouse down and moving around. [more on Wired]

Watch the Muse interactive music video here.