I already posted this in the community section, but it’s worth highlighting as a separate post. PHLS and PHDS are Adobe’s next generation license-server free content protection options. It’s not replacing true DRM, but rather provides easy to deploy next generation content protection.

The ease of RTMPe, with security features of true DRM. For a high level overview of the different options and definitions take a look at the video protocol guide.

To better understand the technical differences, there is now a new content protection FAQ available on Adobe.com.

How is PHDS/PHLS/PRTMP different from Adobe Access?

PHDS/PRTMP/PHLS provides additional non-DRM protection features on top of the native protection/encryption schemes without the need of a license server. They are implemented using the same protocol specification (for communication between client and server) as Adobe Access Server for Protected Streaming and hence may appear as a lightweight version of Adobe Access. [more in the FAQ]


Availability on platforms

Desktop Flash (OSMF) – PHDS

Desktop Flash (Primetime Player) – PHDS + PHLS

Android/iOS + other platforms (Primetime Player) – PHLS

Android AIR – PHDS


Read the full Content Protection FAQ.