I’ve been working with Maxim Levkov the last couple of years on encoding related topics. To say he understands encoding well, is an understatement. He has been publishing the majority of Adobe’s encoding guidelines, including the comprehensive encoding cookbook.

It’s definitely a good session to attend if you are trying to get up to speed with professional high end video encoding. Properly less suited if you are looking to learn how to simply use Adobe Media Encoder.

Transcoding Ad-Enabled Multiscreen Video That Will Knock Your Socks Off

maxim_levkov_bio.jpg.adimg.mw.640Preparing your media for multiscreen playback and ad integration is challenging — and critical — to today’s media delivery supply chain. In this session, you’ll walk away with tips, tools, and best practices that you can put to use in your transcoding and preparation workflow today, with an eye on what’s coming tomorrow.

In this information-rich session, Maxim Levkov will cover:
• Which tools to use for efficient workflow and best results
• How to achieve consistent playback in multi-bitrate delivery
• Tricks of the trade to expand your transcoding knowledge
• Do’s and Don’ts for the optimal playback experience, everywhere
• Learn key elements for enabling seamless ad-insertion with Adobe Primetime

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