Website analytics are probably one of the most exciting components of blogs. 2012 was quite an eventful year for this blog. It started with the transition from Oscar Trelles‘ self-developed blogging system “hades” to WordPress (it ran beautifully for 6 years!), a redesign as part of it, a name change in the first half of 2012, and another design change to a responsive design more suitable for mobile in the second half of 2012.

How did this impact the overall traffic? Surprisingly well, specifically due to the increased blogging activity, and the broader topics.

Here are the 2012 highlights:


So what is next in 2013? Online video and mobile remains the focus, and expect some amazing posts to follow throughout the year. Make sure to also read and follow Campbell Foster’s well written blog posts, a lot of this will influence what you will see here in the coming months.

Thanks to all readers, 2013 will be even better!