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Times Square New Year's Eve 2013 Live Webcam

Times Square New Year’s Eve 2013 Live Webcam
Jens Loeffler

We are going to provide a live webcam stream from Times Square New York Eve this year again, allowing you to participate in one of the most vibrant New Years Eve parties. It will feature Taylor Swift, Carly Rai Jepsen, Neon Trees and Psy (Gangnam Style).

Obviously this is only a live webcam without audio, not an actual stream of the live broadcast, but it provides some of most breathtaking live perspectives of Times Square.

The stream will be available on this site starting early on the 31st is available now, so bookmark this post and join the event.


To see the actual live event, Livestream is going to provide live coverage again (more to be added as they became available).


Earthcam live stream of the Times Square preparation.

Bookmark this site for additional streams and the live webcam.

  • SusanDoyle

    I had so much fun at Time Square, i am definitely going next year! The photos me and my friends posted here are just nostalgic.

  • Neil Patt

    This is great!


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