Even though Jarret Bellini from CNN declared Gangnam style officially dead…

Sorry, folks. We’re done. It’s officially no longer a thing. Psy seems like a really good dude, and I hate to have done this to his song, but this morning I slowly walked “Gangnam Style” out into the backyard, thanked it for the good times and shot it. [via CNN]

… it still seems to hold steady with solid 454,638,366 views on YouTube. So how do you best participate in it before the trend is over? One option is to obviously learn the dance, as Tammy Mejia describes in the video above – or just take the easy road, and embed yourself into the Gangnam Video on gangnamdance.com.

The site is one of the latest submissions on TheFWA.com, with the option to show your support and vote for it. Try it yourself on gangnamdance.com.