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1.) The official Adobe Media Server team blog (new):

Right from the source – must have news. As example, the latest post highlights the new features of Adobe Media Server 5.0.1 in great level of detail, including the new close captioning, multiple-audio track, and content protection support.


2.) Kevin Towes on Online Video at Adobe

Former Adobe Media Server product manager, and now responsible for the media delivery technologies at Adobe. Information right from the heart and source.


3.) Adobe Digital Media Blog – Video & Ad Solutions

Learn more how Adobe Media Server fits in as part of Project Primetime, Adobe’s next generation online video offering.


4.) TheRealTimeWeb

Formerly a Flash Media Server exclusive blog under the name by Stefan Richter. It provides independent information about Adobe Media Server (and has a rich archive of over a decade of valuable information).


5.) This blog (

Adobe Media Server related news are essential part of (formerly If you want to subscribe to only Media Server related news, subscribe to the specific category.