Comscore, one of the leading advertising measurement and research firms, announced this week the global launch of a video validation technology that moves video advertising ever closer to big data. According to their press release, vCE Video provides a better accounting of which consumers can actually be influenced by the ad’s content because they had the opportunity to view it.

While Comscore has been measuring video for over 3 years now, the addition of viewability data sets video advertising in the same direction display and other digital advertising are moving, towards viewable, verifiable ad data in transparent environments.

In addition, the introduction of online video validation data will align online metrics closer to TV, meaning advertisers and agencies have more opportunities to integrate audience data across multi-platform campaigns.

Comscore say that 120 advertisers and agencies and 80 publishers in 28 countries have carried out digital campaign measurement using their vCE, so I would expect we’ll be seeing this list continue to grow and hopefully more companies fining innovative ways to target and measure the effectiveness of their video ad campaigns.

Read the press release.