While more and more of us are seeking out interesting content on ever growing digital video platforms, advertisers are searching for ways to reach us with tactics and creative executions. So this means 2013 will continue to be a good year to be in the online video ad business and video advertising will likely be a driving force behind the ongoing metamorphosis of the digital media landscape.

For the last several months there has been a continual stream studies on trends affecting the video ad industry. Areas studied have included advertisers overall use of digital video in their campaigns, how they compare TV ads to Digital Video ads and how publishers are using video ad networks to improve their ability to monetize inventory. Here are a few highlights of recent studies and a like to interesting visual report from Breakmedia.com

Forrester predicts U.S. online video ad spend will reach $5.4 billion by 2016 (from $2.0 billion in 2011).

Video, banner and search advertising will account for upwards of 80% of all spending through 2016, predicts eMarketer. Video will be the fastest-growing of all formats growing 54.7% over 2010 to account for 7.9% of all online ad buying this year. eMarketer predicts video’s share to rise to 15% by 2014.

Breakmedia.com predicts online video ad spend will continue to rise through 2013, with much of the money coming from TV and non-video display budgets – here is a link to their full report.