After the BBC broadcasted the biggest broadcasting event in their 90 year history with the London Olympics 2012, using Phonegap with Flash Player for delivery to Android devices, it now deployed a new BBC Media Player with Adobe AIR.

In the end, Flash was still the best choice of media format for us to use. And the only practical technology for us to play this format back on Android is Adobe Air.


We are making this change with our eyes open. No technology is perfect. We’ve seen some of the challenges that other Adobe Air based apps have had in the marketplace and so we have worked hard, both internally and with our technology partners to build the best application we can.

Adobe have been a long-standing collaborator with the BBC and have been excellent throughout this process, working closely with our teams to ensure continuity and a great experience throughout the London 2012 Olympic Games and then thereafter to support our requirements around this project [via BBC Blog Post].

If you are an Android owner and Doctor Who fan, you can now continue to watch your favorite show on your device – especially since Season 7 just started.

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[Featured image ©BBC]