In case you have the chance to attend IBC in Amsterdam this year, ensure to visit Adobe’s booth in hall 7. One of the major announcements is Adobe Anywhere, which allows video teams to collaborate and access shared media across standard networks virtually anywhere they have internet connectivity.

Also learn more about Project Primetime and the BBC with Adobe’s Steve Allison.

If you can’t make the trip, Adobe provides exclusive IBC online live coverage.

Get the latest from IBC and a taste of the atmosphere in our daily video wrap-ups. If you can’t make it out to Amsterdam, these are the next best thing to discover all Adobe news from IBC. This is your place to discover what customers and experts are saying about what Adobe is revealing at IBC. [via Adobe IBC Online]

It includes interesting interviews, as example with Adobe’s VP of video and digital publishing, Jim Guerard. If you are interested in Project Primetime, the IBC Adobe theater features some in-depth overview sessions.