By this time of the year I start searching to see how the predictions for 2012 are panning out. Did more money go to video advertising? What kind of cool, innovative uses of video have we seen this year? What should be we expecting for next year? But then I came across something that caught my eye – Envisioning Technology, a look at where we may be in the next 20 years.

While we can be assured video advertising will continue to grow and they’ll be another round of predictions for 2013, I think this infographic presents some interesting predictions for how much video and video display will become a part of our everyday lives.

Some examples include:

Sensors: 2015 Pervasive Video Capture – a combination of sensors and cameras that user wear, which allows them to record their surroundings at all times, this would be a drastic extension of current technologies like Sensecam and Looxie.

UBIComp: 2020 – Eyewear embedded screens, miniaturized HUD (heads up display) screens embedded in users eyewear

BioTech: 2030 – Retinal Screens and Artificial Retinas, screens embedded in the users retina and miniature cameras embedded in eyeglasses that transmit electronic signals to the optic nerve

[Image credit – Envisioning Technology]

Go deeper with the interactive version.