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Flash Player 11.4, Adobe AIR 3.4 Released - Now Multithreaded with Workers

Flash Player 11.4, Adobe AIR 3.4 Released – Now Multithreaded with Workers

The official announcement on the Digital Media blog:

Today, we released the latest version of the Flash and AIR runtimes with Flash player 11.4 and AIR 3.4. These new builds feature a few great features that gaming fans will be excited about; most importantly, we’re increasing the devices that can take advantage of hardware acceleration so game developers can give more gaming fans smoother and more exciting game play.

Along  with adding constrained Stage 3D, we’ve also provided added support for iOS application development, and introduced concurrency, which helps improve game responsiveness. Gaming evangelist Lee Brimelow will be walking users through the new features and upcoming tooling updates in a demo on August 23. [more on the Digital Media Blog]

Concurrency (ActionScript Workers) — This feature enable developers to off-load certain tasks like high-latency operations and long-running computations to “workers”. These background workers run concurrently in order to leverage more machine resources and avoid things like UI freezes and allow content to be more responsive.

Stage3D constrained mode — A new parameter to Context3D has been introduced called “constrained profile”.  Constrained profile allows Stage3D content to run hardware accelerated on more hardware, especially the Intel GMA chipsets. The Starling framework has been updated to be constrained mode ready.

StageVideo.attachCamera — Provides webcam support for StageVideo. This allows developers to leverage GPU acceleration to render webcam video streams.

Camera.copyToByteArray/Camera.copyToVector — Allow efficient copy of the video frames pixels to an existing ByteArray or Vector.

LZMA support for ByteArray — In addition to zlib compression of ByteArray, we are introducing an additional compression type based on LZMA to compress data inside a ByteArray through ByteArray.compress() and ByteArray.uncompress()

Update Flash Player and Adobe AIR.

  • johncblandii

    @jensloeffler Does AIR 3.4 support workers on mobile?

    • jensloeffler

      @johncblandii Yes –

      • johncblandii

        @jensloeffler Hmmm…time to get some examples in the docs. :) Looking forward to some mobile best practices and component updates.

      • Jason

        @jensloeffler As stated by Lee Brimelow in the comments here ( workers aren’t available for mobile. You are an Adobe evangelist right Jens!?

        • Jens Loeffler

          @Jason thanks for clarifying -I’m not an AIR / Gaming evangelist ;-) 

        • Jens Loeffler

          @Jason thanks for clarifying -I’m not an AIR / Gaming evangelist ;-) 

        • Jens Loeffler

          @Jason Here is the reference ;-) The use of workers for concurrency is only supported in Flash Player (except with wmode “transparent” or “opaque”) and in AIR on desktop platforms. Concurrency is not supported on mobile AIR platforms. You can use the static isSupported property to check whether concurrency is supported before attempting to use it.

        • Terry Corbet

          Jens Loeffler  Boy, I don’t envy Lee Brimlow one bit. He’s only got a  couple of hours before he has to give his version of the official Adobe stance on Worker support in AIR 3.4.  I wonder if he will have had time to read the belatedly-released AS Doc for the shareable property of the ByteArray Class.  That’s where the very important facts concerning how to use this facility should have been made available on the Beta version of Live Docs for the whole 7 weeks of 3.4 Beta so that we could work with the developers, but none of the dozens of people who call themselves  the Product Manager, got around to that, nor did any of the scores of Adobe personnel who visit — but accept no responsibility for — the various forums, want to resolve the ambiguities left by sloppy pre-announcements.  Will Lee be the one to say that as of today there are two different features — one implemented by the Flash Player in which you can share, rather than copy, a byte stream between the main and background threads, and another by the AIR team advocating that you pass such data through SQLLite?  Or will Thibualt introduce Lee’s demo by making those  clear statements to the community so that we will know how to get our applications working?

        • Robert Kwon

          Jens Loeffler The note about wmode “transparent” or “opaque” not being supported is incorrect. This was not working at one point, but has been fixed before 11.4 was released.

        • Jens Loeffler

          Robert Kwon Jens Loeffler Thanks – seems like the docs already got updated.

  • Aida Allen

    But is it supported by Android 4.1?


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