According to the Pew Internet & American Life Project ‘The Social Life of Health Information’ 2011 report, 80% of Internet users look online for health information. And according to almost every medical communication company website, blog and trade association that number will continue to grow. This is what most would call the ‘rise of the ‘e-patient’.

An e-patient is that Internet savvy patient and health consumer who uses the gather information, connect with other patients, and track their condition through a whole host of electronic tools. They are seeking guidance themselves or could be a family member or friend seeking information for someone they know. Interestingly enough, the Pew Project report also noted that e-Patients report two effects of their online health research, better health information and services and different (but not always better) relationships with their doctors.

So where does video and interactive applications fit into this mix? More and more video is starting to become a standard part of these many health information and education sites. Healthline Networks, an online platform that develops products and solutions to help consumers make better decisions about their health has developed an interesting approach using video education along with their variety of assessment tools.

The simple, elegant use in-depth interviews with doctors who are specialists along with interactive assessment tools provides that e-Patient with both the ability to their condition and learn more about the condition from an expert.