Pinterest versus Facebook; whose users spend more money?  Fashion website released a case study that analyzed how consumers from each of the social networking sites spent money.

The conclusion: Pinterest users spend a lot more cash than shoppers referred by Facebook. In fact, the  average order value of sales driven by the third most popular social networking site to was $180, 90 percent higher than the sales driven by Facebook.
The study also found that Pinterest users spend 65% less time on the website than Facebook users do and 70 percent less than the Boticca overall site average. And the bounce rate is also 43 percent higher.

So what does this mean for businesses? It pays to take the time to invest in Pinterest—especially if your products cater to the female demographic. Here is some advice for businesses that want to take advantage of this social media channel.

First, make sure your business is a fit. Pinterest caters to those looking for recipes, room décor, fashion and jewelry and do-it-yourself crafts. Next, use other social media outlets like Twitter or Tumblr to point people to Pinterest. And finally, think outside your product. Instead of focusing only on what you’re selling, post interesting news tidbits, tips, and products from other companies.