KingsRoad is a promising medieval fantasy role-playing game powered by Stage3D.

KingsRoad is a medieval fantasy role-playing game with lots of shining armor action. Players assume the role of heroic Sir Rowan, who must save King Alexander’s kingdom – and his only daughter, the strong-willed Princess Emma – from treacherous turncoats, bloodthirsty foes, monstrous creatures, and other forms of sinister evil.

[…] In part, that means the game’s initial client-side technology is Adobe Flash Player’s Stage3D APIs and Rumble’s proprietary graphics framework, which Spenner said guarantees KingsRoad will be playable on more than a billion PCs “with console-quality graphics without requiring our players to buy a dedicated console device or wait hours for a download. [via digitalmediawire]

It will be interesting to see how addictive high-end browser games will become for the average players. Sign up here for the beta.