As part of the FITC Toronto 2012 award finalists, Range Rover presented an inspiring “interactive action-love-fantasy-comedy-adventure about choices”. There are other great nominations (although I don’t have a strong emotional connection to the best Canadian designer, developer, student or studio website categories), but the concept of the Range Rover interactive film clearly stands out.

You are following Henry, a likable character, through a day, while making decisions for him. As example, you need to decide what his first destination is in the morning, or what nail color he likes most for his sister. The choices then are automatically transferred to customize a Range Rover at the end of the story. As example, if you choose the red nail color, the car will be red.

The production value is high, with great characters, storytelling, and interesting concept. Hopefully we see similar marketing innovations in the future.

Here is a trailer of the different paths your day could take.

Experience Being Henry.