CNN Ecosphere is “a real-time view of the global climate change discussion”, and a great example how to create a beautiful visual 3D experience on the web.

World leaders are about to meet in Durban at the COP17 Conference on Climate Change to make crucial decisions for the future of our planet. Add your voice to the global discussion and the ECOSPHERE Project will bring your thoughts to the conference via a state of-the-art digital installation. (via CNN Ecosphere)

And since it’s WebGL based, you would envision it would run on every HTML5 enabled browser, such as the iPad.¬†Unfortunately that is not the case.

Due to the lack of consistent WebGL support, the audience is limited to the latest version of Chrome, Firefox or Safari (with WebGL enabled). Stage3D would have provided them the option run it in IE as well as an AIR for iOS/Android application. But that aside, the experience is beautiful, and so is the cause.

Visit CNN Ecosphere.