An interesting interview with Jeremy Helfand, VP of Video Monetization, at NAB 2012 about online video advertisement. A recent study indicates that mobile and live video are most efficient.

Completion rates on mobile devices are the highest of any environment at 94%, suggesting that mobile viewers are highly engaged and willing to watch ads as part of the content experience on the go.

Live content is king for advertisers. Video ads are in general more successful when included in live content than with video-ondemand (VOD). The completion rate during live content is 85%, 23% higher than with ads in VOD. [via 2012 Adobe Digital Video advertisement report]

He underlines that online video advertisement does not cannibalize but rather co-exists with TV. Meanwhile Comscore released a study indicating that online video ads are 38% more memorable than TV ads.

Clear opportunities and growth for online video advertisement in 2012.