Looking for an example how to bring 3D to the iPad in an impressive easy to use workflow? Luis Guajardo Diaz created a great example application by bringing a Lightwave3D scene to Away3D running on AIR 3.2 for iOS.

As he describes, he is quite successful.

This time i used the last demo to create a workflow involving Ligtwave3D to export a model and then using it in away3D4.
I started with an AI floorplan of a store that i got from a client, then i extruded the main walls and some shelves, rendered to an Atlas UV texture with GI (bakiing camera), exported an obj file and with Prefab i got an AWD file that i successfuly loaded it into away4.
Then i used the same flash file and exported an IPA file with the same provision profile of the last demo, asked to a workMate (thank’s SEO2!) to play with it while i record it.

At first while i was looking a 3D worflow in order to build iOS 3D apps i though on MODO+UNITY3D, tools that i have never used before and with learning curves similar to LIGHTWAVE3D + FLASH. But now i will definitely keep the FLASH / STAGE3D path for this, the posibilities after seeing the performace are endless.
I’m gonna be one of the dev’s that stick with FLASH until Adobe say otherwise, period. [via Vimeo].

Stick with it.