As you hopefully noticed, the volume and coverage on this blog increased during the last months, including Amy and Jen as new talented guest contributors, and overall broader topics. When the blog was originally founded in 2004, it started as a technical destination to educate on broadband video to specifically make Flash Video work – which was in a very early stage at that time, and clearly the underdog compared to the dominant Windows Media and Real Player solutions.

Now it’s 2012, and Flash Video has been dominant for years (and remains very relevant). In addition, I’ve been covering Adobe AIR and Stage3D, and broadened topics to include HTML5, online video to devices, technology trends, design visions, interviews, and much more. The new represents this new focus, and will continue to cover the existing themes – but with a new branding to remain relevant for many years to come. A big thanks goes to Stiehl/Over for their continued support, excellent logo/branding consulting, and the great new logo design.

Look forward to some exciting fresh content coming soon.