Jeremy Helfand, vice president of Video Monetization at Adobe, and former CEO of Auditude, posted an interesting blog post about co-existence of online video and traditional TV consumption and monetization.

As you know from your own media consumption habits (or watching any child with an iPad or smartphone), online video viewing is growing. Most market research shows that over the next 5 years the number of people watching online video could grow as much as 50% and represent up to three quarters of all internet-enabled users. (via Digital Media blog)

And it’s important to embrace the trend.

Online video viewing will not be at the expense of TV. It’s complementary. Total media consumption is growing and will continue to grow as it becomes more efficient and convenient for a viewer to access content where, when and how they desire. Simply said, TV (linear) and digital video viewing is about co-existence, not cannibalization. (via Digital Media blog)

Obviously this is only possible if you can equally monetize online video.

There are a number of challenges to be addressed in this co-existence strategy, like cross platform measurement, multi-channel ad buying, cross-platform ad experiences, and improving user experience across devices […]  (via Digital Media blog)

Thankfully there is Project Primetime. Read the complete post on Adobe’s Digital Media blog.