Looking for some mind-blowing new Stage3D demos? Look no further, Epic Games released their official Stage3D Flash Player 11 Unreal Engine demo “Epic Citadel” during the Game Developers Conference [via Flash Daily].

“This isn’t your father’s Farmville,” Epic’s Mark Rein said, “this is immersive, 3D, beautiful environments.” [..]

Next, he showed Dungeon Defenders, running in Flash, running full-screen. It looked like the Steam and Xbox 360 versions. [full report on Kotaku]

Epic Games further posted on their blog:

To cap off the Flash showcase, we showed off the graphically intense “Unreal Tournament 3” running in real time in a browser on Sanctuary, one of the game’s most visually stunning multiplayer maps. This is the same visually enhanced version that Epic’s founder and technical director Tim Sweeney revealed on Adobe’s stage at their MAX event last fall. [via Unreal Blog]

In addition, unrelated to the Unreal Engine, Renault Twizy is another visually and acoustically amazing showcase, simulating a ride through a colorful fantasy world. Make sure to watch it at least for 20-30 seconds, when the music/visuals become more upbeat – it is pretty amazing [via FlashDaily.net].

Unreal Engine – City Citadel Demo.

Renault Twizy demo.