Yes, you’ve read this correctly, this actually seems to be happening with Variér Brain Design. Variér has some special economic chairs that support concentrated work. To create design patterns for the chairs, they decided to simply have children work on the chairs, measure their brainwaves, and visualize them. A pretty amazing concept, and apparently not harmful.

Variér describes the chair as the following:

The Variable Balans improves blood circulation, which gives your brain the oxygen it needs to stay focused and concentrated for a longer period of time. The perfect instrument for the work at a desk, whether you’re doing homework, fighting excel sheets or writing poetry.

The kids were selected from around the globe with specific areas of interest. Lorenzo, Italy, interested in history, Katjuscha, Germany, biology, and Maxwell, USA, with a passion for art. And apparently their brain designs for the chairs are already available.

A very fascinating concept that adds a new dimension to Arduino experiments. Imagine feeding your brainwaves into it, and controlling the coffee machine in the morning? The brain wave sensors Variér used seem to be a lot more portable than the previous models we know from the sci-fi movies of the 80s – which is both scary and promising.

But besides the actual idea, the execution of the website is excellent.

Visit Variér Brain Design and experience it on your own.