If you read Steve Jobs’ biography, it was obvious that the criticism of the original iPad was that it was great for content consumption, but not content creation, such as the PC. Photoshop Touch for the iPad changes this for photo editing, and brings a touch version of the leading creative tool to the iPad.

Graham Spencer, MacStories.

Photoshop Touch is a powerful and capable version of Photoshop for the iPad, without a doubt. To me, it is the latest iPad app that has demonstrated that the iPad is for more than “content consumption” — that’s just an old myth now.

It’s the apps that make the iPad great and Photoshop Touch is perhaps the prime example of the potential of the device and how flexible it is at becoming a great machine for a whole slew of different tasks, from reading, to writing, to viewing to editing and now, to using Photoshop for more than just basic photo edits. […]

As far as I am concerned, Adobe has matched the quality of Apple’s iPad apps like Pages and iMovie in creating Photoshop Touch. Adobe has made appropriate compromises in bringing Photoshop to the iPad, making considered design choices that fit in with the iPad and exploiting the philosophies the iPad embodies: simplicity and an enjoyable experience. [via MacStories]

John Gruber is excited.

Talk about the ways the iPad is revolutionizing computing — we now have a version of Photoshop that costs $10 and is no hassle to install. [via Daring Fireball]


ZDNet likes how complete it is.

With built-in tutorials and a relatively intuitive interface, Photoshop Touch provides a truly full-fledged image editing application (within the hardware limitations of a tablet, of course) and adds some nice tablet-specific enhancements (such as the Scribble Selection Tool for masking out background images) [via ZDNet]

TechRadar likes the interface.

The interface is very well laid out, granting easy access to some pretty complicated tools and effects.

Adobe has obviously spent a lot of time thinking about every tool in Photoshop and how it can be tweaked to work well in a touchscreen environment. That time has been well spent, since very few compromises have been made, with most of the tools you’d expect to find present and correct, without being dumbed down. [via TechRadar]

Seems like 2012 is finally a great year to take a walk to the coffee shop, bring along your iPad, and be visually creative. Get Photoshop Touch from the iTunes Store.