And here it is, the official Apache Flex whitepaper. Encouring news for the community.


Adobe believes that Flex is the best solution for enterprise and data-centric application development today, and that moving Flex into a community-driven open source project ensures the continued development and success of Flex for years to come.

Engineering support

As Flex moves into a community-driven open source project, Adobe will make initial technical contributions and will also continue to provide a team of full-time Flex SDK engineers to contribute to the Apache project. While under this new model Adobe will provide fewer engineering resources than in the past, we are working with the Flex developer community to increase the total number of active contributors and resources.

HTML5 support

Falcon JS is an experimental ActionScript 3 compiler that targets JavaScript rather than the Flash Runtime. Adobe will contribute the prototype of Falcon JS source code to the Apache Flex Project after the completion and contribution of Falcon 1.0.


Adobe will sponsor and provide funding for 360|Flex (, the premiere conference dedicated to Flex. […] Adobe evangelists are scheduled to be at these meetings to facilitate open, face-to-face discussions with as many Flex developers as possible.

Adobe AIR commitment

Adobe is committed to the support and development of Adobe AIR for mobile on current and future devices and OS updates including iOS 5, iPhone 5, iPad 3, and Android 4 (Ice Cream Sandwich). AIR will continue to be the delivery mechanism for Flash content and applications deployed as stand-alone applications. RIM plans to continue to support and develop AIR for the BlackBerry PlayBook OS.

Ensure success

We remain committed to enabling the success of all existing and new Flex projects.

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