ExhibitCore Floor Planner is a great example how to combine Apache FlexAway3D and Stage3D, to create an extremely useful tool to visualize floor planning.

A comprehensive Apache Flex powered editor, free in the basic version, allows the placement of complex objects in a virtual environment, and to rotate, move and scale them. It includes a set of free 3D inventory, and paid premium furniture, including popular office items like Aeron chairs. Overall the complexity of the editor is impressive.



After the design, you can freely move around in the Stage3D powered 3D world, with an impressive level of complexity, exceeding smoothly 200k polygons. Interesting details like a video playing on the TV screens, or the beautifully modeled Aeron chairs, make the overall visual experience a pleasure, and the application an extremely useful tool, even for personal space planning.

It’s great to see the enhancements of the Stage3D enriched experiences on desktop, and certainly the opportunities will even further grow once it arrives on mobile devices. And who knows, it might be soon – at least if you follow Adobe’s product manager Thibault Imbert’s twitter.

Clearly some exciting times a ahead. Meanwhile, ExhibitCore is freely accessible.