MediaPost reports that the online Super Bowl streaming event will have a CPM of $55, compared to $35 for TV.

The NFL is asking for sky-high advertising dollars for the streaming videocast of the Super Bowl to be aired on NFL and NBC sites.

The price tag comes to a whopping $55 cost per thousand viewers [CPMs]  — with big existing NFL sponsors getting first crack at buying the game online, according to media-buying executives. One of the NFL’s big sponsorship partners, General Motors, has bought up the car online exclusivity category, according to one executive. [via MediaPost]

Not excited so far? Here is a bit of background.

CPM refers to “cost per thousand impressions.” An impression is a single instance of an ad appearing on a website. [more ad acronyms on]

TechCrunch posted very interesting stats in November 2011.

  • Average CPM for Premium content, broadcast content online: $21-$30
  • Average CPM for Mid-Tier, professionally produced content: $11-$20
  • Average CPM for User Generated Content: $0 – $5 [via TechCrunch]

And in addition.

Here’s some good news for web video publishers and producers. Online video advertising budgets are expected to jump sharply in 2012. Brand advertisers who purchased online video ads this year are projected to spend 47 percent more next year. These numbers were released this morning in the second annual “Video State of the Industry Survey” by and Digiday. [via TechCrunch]

What does this mean for you? Online video ads are more important than ever, and 2012 could be a crucial milestone. Today, and more so in the future, a seamless end-to-end integration with broad reach will not only reduce your operational costs, but is a critical strategic investment to maintain and grow revenue in the future. Interesting times ahead of us in 2012, and definitely the right time to take a look at Auditude.

But enough business and tech talk, now it’s time for the actual ads.