Rhizopods is a great example how creativity in combination with next generation web technology can enable new experiences and concepts that were impossible just a couple of months ago. Rhizopods is not a website, but rather a tool.

Take an image and see it instantly transformed into an interactive 3D wunderball. Explore what others have created. Upload, Sculpt, Customize and Animate your very own Rhizopod. (via Rhizopods)

For some, it might be incredible boring, for others, a fascinating new creative tool to enable visualizations they weren’t able to create before.
















After the upload, you can modify the form of the object in real-time, and create animations or patterns.














It’s fascinating to experience the evolution of the web first hand, and the creative options unleashed with it. It’s certainly the beginning of a new generation of experiences. But now it’s time to create your own Rhizopods artwork.