Literally. The new site “We are music” for the 54th Grammy’s, airing on CBS on Sunday, February 12, uses Flash Player 11 with Stage3D to create a GPU accelerated firework of real-time rendered visual elements to promote music from Paul McCartney, Skrillex, Adele, Foo Fighters and Bon Iver (via Flash Daily).

It appears to only use still images and short segments of the corresponding music as source to create an awe-inspiring visual experience with bleeding edge web technology – which properly will qualify them as nominees for the best slideshow award in 2012. Overall a new innovate content visualization approach, something we hopefully will see more this year.

Since it is all real-time generated and interactive (you can use the mouse to actually move around), it creates an endless amount of visual combinations, comparable to Joshua Davis‘ random pattern art. This warrants a full set of screen shots; and of course you can just visit the site.