I admit this is a bit provocative, there are for sure a lot of other fun Stage3D games out there, there will be many more, and of course it’s very subjective. But Hardcore MX is one of the games that when you play it first, feels right – the sound, the graphics, the casual gaming concept for a quick in-browser game during a break.


California GamesAnd yes, it absolutely looks like the BMX part of the 1987 California Games on the Commodore C64, and it certainly invokes the corresponding nostalgic feelings with the older gaming generation not everyone might have.

But all that matters is that it is fun for me, and it makes me forget all technology behind it. No game installation, not plug-in installation – just visit the website and it works.

If you don’t share this feeling with me, I’m not offended. There will be others games. But for me it was an eye opener that the gaming console on the web is more than a buzz word, it’s an experience at some point you won’t be able to resist.

In case you are actually interested in technology details, Adobe provides more information on Stage3D in the gaming section of Adobe Developer Connection  – surely exciting times ahead.