Every year the holiday season unleashes some great creative ideas. And no, I’m not talking about sites with seasonal animated snow flakes, although you should try to search for “let it snow” on Google. Here are some noteworthy fun greetings.



If you are looking for a last minute holiday card, look no further. Elf Yourself from OfficeMax and JibJab allows to easily create holiday greeting video cards with up to 5 individualized characters. Upload a photo, or use a webcam to instantly capture it, and create a fun Elf video.


PNC Christmas Price Index

If you are in the mood for a Christmas story and some financial advice, check out PNC’s Christmas price index. A fun and certainly creative way to take advantage of the holiday theme.



Google Holiday Doodle

It’s almost impossible to miss, but Google did a great interactive Holiday Doodle again with a version of Jingle Bells.





Jung von Matt Holiday Email

Jung von Matt, one of the top creative agencies in Germany, took a different approach this year with their mailing. “HR” sent an email explaining that it’s their last holiday greeting, the editor is too expensive, but it doesn’t matter, since you would work there either way next year (full text in German).


Take This Lollipop

Take this Lollipop is the best holiday site if you are not interested in the holidays. Grant access to Facebook, and prepare to be surprised.




Happy Holidays!