The AIR 2.6 SDK just got released today and is available to the public as a free download. AIR allows to build applications for multiple platforms, includings desktop computers, Android, iOS, Playbook and TV, using the same code base.

One of the key advantages of the new release is the improved iOS performance, and an unified GPU rendering model across Android and iOS.

Charlie Schulze developed a great game that showcases how much value AIR 2.6 adds to mobile projects.

While Comb over Charlie is traveling through his underwater adventure, the game is running reliable at 40 fps, not matter what screen or platform it is running on.

The devices

Motorola Xoom

Samsung Galaxy Tab

Apple iPad

Charlie posted additional background information on his blog.

With AIR 2.6 you can now create applications and games that run consistenly across Android and iOS in terms of performance, and focus on what matters – the experience and gameplay, creating great opportunities for game and application developers.

In addition, here is Ryan Stewarts feature overview:

A full overview of the new features of Adobe AIR 2.6 by Christian Cantrell.