“Toshiba is taking it straight to the iPad in a new Web site that teases the coming arrival of its Android tablet.

On the site, Toshiba touts the features its tablet has that the iPad lacks, such as rear-facing and front-facing cameras, a replaceable battery, USB and HDMI ports.
“Sure being a wireless gadget nomad is fun,” Toshiba says on the site, “but so is sharing all the stuff you find.”

The main site includes a long Flash intro movie and an elaborate Flash-based site touting the tablet’s various features. In addition to the added cameras and ports, the device will come in five colors, Toshiba notes.
The best part, though, is how the teaser site loads on devices that can’t play Flash, such as the iPhone and iPad.
“Such a shame,” reads the headline on the non-Flash site. “Add this to the list of interesting places on the Internet you can’t see on your device. Of course, if you had a Toshiba Tablet, you would enjoy the entire Internet. Yep, Flash sites too.””

[via All Things Digital, quoted text + screenshots]

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