The Open Source Media Framework (OSMF) has been released for a couple of months now, and provides an abstract framework to easily deploy latest Adobe technologies, and a rich plug-in architecture for third parties.

It’s a great framework for experienced developers. But what about users who would like to use a ready to deploy player, or have no Flash experience at all. The solution is Strobe Media Playback and Flash Media Playback.

Strobe Media Playback
The Strobe Media Playback is a compiled SWF with source code, that includes all functionality and user interface to instantly play media files. It includes skinning, external XML file and plug-in support, and much more. For the full feature set visit the OSMF website.

It’s the perfect player to include, customize, and host your own player, and for more advanced users, use the source code to customize the player for your own projects.

Flash Media Playback
Flash Media Playback goes one step further, and offers an easy to use configurator to simply define the source, appearance and behaviour, and then place the player embed code on your website. It can’t be any easier.

OSMF now offers a rich set of options for the absolute beginner to the player development expert, and will let you focus on the essential part of your Flash application – the user experience and functionality.