Released a couple of weeks ago, Adobe HTTP Dynamic Streaming combines the features of streaming, with the advantages of HTTP scalability. Besides traditional RTMP streaming, and the P2P functionality of Flash Player 10.x, it offers an additional option to deliver your high quality video content – live and on-demand, with full Flash Access DRM protection.

Here is an example of HTTP Dynamic Streaming running over the Akamai HD network.
1080p – Hillman Curtis – Bridge
720p – Hillman Curtis – Bridge

On the left side is a capture of a face segment of the 1080p demo video above, just in case you don’t have a 1080p display. It’s true, full HD, and with the proper hardware, accelerated through H.264 hardware decoding and Flash Player 10.1.

To watch more examples of Adobe HTTP Dynamic Streaming, visit the Akamai HD for Adobe Flash Platform 2.0 demo site. To learn more about Adobe HTTP Dynamic Streaming, visit the Adobe website.